Specialist Tints

Protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays is important not only in bright sunny conditions, but throughout the year too. Specialist tints and clear lenses help block out these harmful UV rays, helping you to maintain healthy eyes for your entire lifetime


UV rays are not only dangerous to our skin but our eyes as well, and what’s more we can’t see them.

We protect our skin with clothes and and lotions, but how much do we protect the most sensitive part of our bodies, our eyes?

Every time we step outdoors we are exposed to UV rays which have a life long cumulative impact on our eyes.  UV increases the risk of eye diseases and contributes towards the development of cataracts. It creates wrinkles around the eyes and 90% of skin cancers occur on the face or neck with 5-10% of these around the eyes.

UV rays are everywhere, are reflected off many surfaces and occur all year round in all weather conditions. In fact 40% of damage occurs out of full sun light!

At Pinders we can advise you on how to protect your eyes all year round in all light conditions.  Below are your options for protecting your eyes against the sunlight and harmful UV rays.


Polarising lenses  – our 1st choice in sun lenses. 


They reduce glare, improve contrast and visual comfort whilst giving 100% UVA/UVB protection.
Polarising lenses increase road safety for drivers as they eliminate the glare produced by reflections on wet road surfaces, and driving into low sun becomes much more comfortable. 
For water and winter sports (such as sailing, fishing and snow sports) polarised lenses are particularly useful in reducing the sunlight reflected by flat wet surfaces.
Most wearers find that once they have experienced greater comfort of polarised lenses they won’t want anything else.

Available with your prescription or as Plano sunglasses by Polaroid.


Sun tints with 100% UV blocking filters.

Sun tints are available in most colours but brown, grey and green are the most popular colours. You can choose how dark you would like it and have the option to graduate the colour from dark at the top to light at the bottom.
This type of tinting can be applied to a variety of lens materials so if you have a thinned lens we can still incorporate this into your sunglasses.


 Transitions lenses

Transitions adaptive lenses are advanced everyday lenses. Clear indoors and at night, darkening outdoors to reduce glare and tired eyes. They protect you from 100% of harmful UV rays 100% of the time. 
They are available in brown, grey and green and thinner lens materials.

Views through different tinted lenses

Views through different tinted lenses.  The top image in through a clear lens.  The middle image through a standard tinted lens with UV filter.  The bottom image is through a polarising filter, offering the ultimate in visual comfort.

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