3D imaging

For the ultimate view of your eyes ask our Optometrists about 3D OCT imaging

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a revolutionary diagnostic test which creates a 3D picture of your retina. Similar to an ultrasound, OCT works by using rays of light instead of sound to take an extremely detailed picture of the retina and macula.

OCT tests are particularly useful for detecting and monitoring glaucoma and macular degeneration.

For example, an OCT scan can detect even the earliest signs of glaucoma before you would notice symptoms. This is because unlike a conventional retinal photograph, an OCT scan can reveal what is going on beneath the different layers of the retina allowing your optometrist to see any changes earlier and manage appropriately.  It allows us to build a more accurate, detailed record of your eyes, spotting subtle differences in the nerve layers that can be the earliest signs of Glaucoma.

The OCT has revolutionised the detection and monitoring of macular and retinal disorders.   Differential diagnosis between wet and dry macula degeneration is vital to preserving sight if treatment is required.  Your eye care is important at Pinders and we believe in investing in advancements in technology and are proud to offer this revolutionary service at the Queens Street practice Mansfield and at Southwell as part of our gold and silver examinations.  It is also available as part of the gold examination at our Rufford Avenue, Warsop and Ollerton branches.  For more information call your nearest branch today.

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