Our 3 tier eye examination choice

Everyone is an individual and for this reason we now offer a choice of eye examinations. At Pinders your eyes will always be in safe hands, but our choice now allows you to choose which option is best for you

All branches of Pinders now offer a choice when it comes to your eye examination. Everyone is individual, and this is the approach we take when caring for your eyes. Our choice of eye examinations allows you to choose how you would like our Optometrists to fully understand your individual needs and requirements.

There have been huge advancements in technology over recent years, and Pinders have invested heavily to allow all our customers to have access to the most modern technology and equipment available. Unfortunately the NHS does not recognise this technology as important and therefore it is not included in your NHS fee. It does not matter whether you pay privately for your eye care, or receive some help from the NHS, at Pinders we allow everyone to choose which option is best for them.

We offer 3 choices of eye examinations – Bronze, Silver & Gold.

The Bronze eye examination includes the standard eye examination. This is offered at all our branches and is the entry level examination. It is covered by the NHS sight test voucher.

The Silver eye examination varies between the different branches. At our Southwell, Queen Street and Rufford Avenue branches it includes the bronze examination as well as 3D OCT imaging of your eyes. At our Warsop and Ollerton branches this examination includes digital photography of your eyes. This is the examination recommended by our Optometrists as standard. It is ideal if you are having any other issues such as dry eye, or sore itchy eyes as you have more time with the optometrist who can investigate your problems further.

The Gold eye examination is the most comprehensive examination we offer. As well as digital or 3D imaging of your eyes, you have a full visual field scan of your peripheral vision, and are presented with images and reports to take home on a USB for your records.

All these choices will be offered each time you have an eye examination at any branch of Pinders.

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