Contact Lenses

The world of eye care is constantly changing. We’re at the forefront of the technological progress, and one of the biggest advancements has been the developments in contact lenses.

Many current glasses-wearers may have previously been told that contact lenses weren’t suitable for them, but chances are, that’s no longer the case.  Maybe you’ve tried contact lenses before and didn’t get on with them?  If you still like the idea of wearing lenses, now could be a good time to give them another try.

As well as our knowledge in the field, and huge range of lenses, we have all the equipment possible to assess your needs effectively.  Our corneal topographers allow more accurate, detailed measurements of the front of the eyes, to help us perfectly fit your contact lenses.

Maybe now is the time to give contact lenses a try.  Wearers benefit from:

  • The freedom to choose between glasses or contact lenses
  • Better peripheral vision than with glasses
  • They won’t fall off or slip down when you play sports
  • Toric lens options for those with astigmatism
  • Can help you create a brand new image – wearing contact lenses can be the first step in an image make-over or update
  • Exciting choice of coloured contact lenses for a really different ‘look’ and fashion statement!
  • Feel more relaxed and confident when socialising or exercising
  • Many offer UV protection to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays

There are a wide range of contact lenses available, which is why at Pinders we feel everyone should be given the chance to experience life without their spectacles.

Daily Disposables – replaced with a fresh pair of every day​

Two Weekly Disposables – replaced with a fresh pair every two weeks​

Monthly Disposables – replaced with a fresh pair every month​

Extended Wear Lenses – can be worn continuously whilst awake and asleep

Toric Lenses – for patients who suffer from astigmatism (ovalness of the eyeball).

Multifocal Lenses – provide all in one vision correction for patients who cannot see clearly over long and short distances​

Coloured Contact Lenses – fashion lenses for people who fancy a change from their natural eye colour

RGP Lenses – Made from firmer plastics, they are easy to clean, very durable and give excellent vision. They are often regarded as less expensive because they don’t need to be replaced as often as soft lenses and can correct higher degrees of astigmatism.

There’s now a great range to suit your lifestyle no matter when or where you want to wear your lenses.  There are now ‘healthy’ silicone hydrogel lenses, and new generation water gradient to help with even the driest eyes– technology really has now given you an amazing choice, to fit your lifestyle perfectly!  Give your local branch a call today, free yourself from those specs!



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